Bigger dreams for the ummah and for the life

May 20, 2018

After contemplating myself, I feel most of my target is too small. Life is not always about money, social acceptance and good position in the office. But life is how useful your life for others. This post will be part of my emotional motivation to make the life more fruitful and having advantageous.

  1. Tahfidzul Quran Center
    One of the ways a child help their parents is remembering qur’an. As a human being, I want to be helped by this. By founding Tahfidzul Qur’an Center, I hope that I could help more people who really love Qur’an and wants do further exploration on it. Moreover, by building this, for the rest of my life, I could get merciful and bless from Allah SWT.
  2. International Standart Darul Ilmi
    Darul meaning home and Ilmi meaning science. One of my biggest dreams is founding all options for education. An education From Pre-school to university. This school is very special, we do not abandon students for owning gadgets, however, we use those technologies to boost the education process. I will implement a digital detox to remind us that we should be ready for doomsday that may ruin all devices that we have nowadays.
  3. Managing 1000 Hectare areas and Helping 5000 people
    Talking about economic, we cannot be separated it with education. To support the Darul Ilmi, we have to build a strong economic around us. By taking advantage of land in Indonesia, we can build economic chain to supply the food by implementing high technology system. Hopefully, it can optimize the output of land.
  4. Help 20000 students
    Darul Ilmi cannot be run jus only by tens or hundreds of students. it should consist of many students that learn from the expert. the student not only do a theoretical thing but also jump to the real industries. Optimistically, students can build their own business after finishing their study.
  5. House that surrounded by fruit trees and Huffaz Cottage
    There’s no home as comfortable as a house that enclosed by Huffaz Cottage. Whenever we go around our house, we could hear the lafadz of Qur’an.

La hawla walla quwwata illa billah.



Basic Linux Administration

March 8, 2018

Happy wonderful day!

I have been using Linux for years and really excited to all the usability in order developing software. In this post, I would like to create  a documentation a basic usage of command that very useful for my daily tasks.

  1. scp command, Whenever I transfer a material into a server, this command very helpful to kill the task. this link explain a detail usage of SCP.

Wonderful Digitalocean documentation

February 27, 2018

I migrated some of my projects to digital ocean cloud service last month. I feel the performance and the stability are very good comparing to my previous VPS provider. It less lagging and having detail documentation for basic usage of this service.

Because of the reason above, I would like to put everything together in this post. I will list all the useful tutorial and documentation that frequently I use. Moreover, I will also keep updating the list and hopefully, I could always find it easily whenever I need it.

  1. Initial setup a new server ubuntu 16.04. link
  2. Installation WordPress in ubuntu 16.04. link
  3. Install web-based apps pre-request in ubuntu 16.04. link
  4. Install free SSL ubuntu 16.04. link
  5. Multiple domains: Install Virtual-Host ubuntu 14.04. link
  6. Install Jenkins in Ubuntu. link
  7. install composer in ubuntu. link

For those who find this post useful, happy coding!

Reflection of 2017

December 27, 2017

It’s been a very long Journey in my life, 28 years. Last 3 years, I’d been working with a super team. I remember how hard research in the system area, how challenging work with high IQ and high-quality standard achievement. and in this year (2017), I made a decision that very very hard for me.

I’ve decided to make my own way of life. My friends and I built IMP as our brand. We work together and put everything that we have in this company. We found challenging in many areas, learn bureaucracy workflow, accounting, marketing and grabbing every opportunity that we found along the way. I could say that this year is our initial existence. We open the gate, go through the field, enjoy the grass and sunlight. We’re seeking the opportunity and momentum for opening the door and gathering in the real entrepreneur world.

As the title of this post, “Reflection”, I would like to say my gratefulness for this learning and achievement in 2017. The life is full of options that we should choose and I am happy because My Lord has chosen and guided me to take this way. With all of I have today, InsyaAllah, I am ready to compete in 2018 and become a better leader, father, husband and Khalifa in this world.

Keep fighting!



My wish list 8 years ago

By reposting this, I hope that It could show my goal and motivate me to be better person.


Ini adalah list keinginan yang aku buat saat aku berada di semester 4 di Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember.

  1. Enter the allah Paradise
  2. Memeluk Rasulullah, abu bakar, Umar, Usman, Ali, Khalid kelak di pertemuan bersamanya
  3. IPK S1 Lulus 3.5  IPK Lulus 3,xx
  4. Juara 1 gemastik App Contest
  5. Admin Lab Ebis 2010-2011 admin PPSI 2009-2011
  6. asdos sisop & RKPL & RBPL & PHP  asdos sisop 2 periode, rbpl, mpti aslab ppsi 2 periode
  7. Faham dan mengerti Nahwu dan bhs arab
  8. Enterprener IT Sukses se asia
  9. TOEFL 600 Aktif
  10. Juara kontes aplikasi IT
  11. dapat scholarship ke US / Japan / Eropa
  12. Sukses enterpreneur waktu kuliah
  13. S2 Tokyo University Jepang cumload
  14. S3 Harvard US cumload
  15. Naik haji bareng keluarga dan Ortu
  16. Juara 1 business plan nasional
  17. juara paper internasional buat aplikasi security laptop
  18. Integrasikan Islamic scholl di indonesia sampai Internasional
  19. sekolahkan adik di ITB
  20. Mendirikan sekolah Islam berkualitas internasional
  21. punya rumah sendiri saat 2 tahun lulus kuliah S1  -> deadline Okt
  22. married in 25 years old -> InsyaAllah
  23. Get Istri Soleha & cantik & Setia
  24. Punya 3 anak soleh dan soleha
  25. mondok di salafi saat liburan kuliah
  26. kerja part time in free time
  27. amanah & mampu jadi leader
  28. konsultan IT -> current di pesantren
  29. disukai semua orang/supel
  30. banyak link dan relasi
  31. Ahli komunikasi
  32. bikin Sistem informasi sekolah di gunakan oleh semua PP di Indonesia
  33. Pemain gitar profesional
  34. bikin paper yang dipublish di sciencedirect
  35. english, japan, germany languages. active 🙂
  36. Memperkerjakan 2000 orang di Indonesia
  37. Penulis buku IT dan islamik

Hanya orang yang memiliki tujuan hiduplah yang mampu menikmati indahnya kehidupa.
ini bukan mimpi tapi rencana untuk di realisasikan.. bismillah

Improve your study habit

January 26, 2017

Practices it again again and again

One of my problems, when I try to write something in the blog, is a distraction. Yesterday, I had been preparing to go to the bed. However, I remembered that I promise to myself that I must write an article every day in this blog. Thus, I just woke up and turned on my computer. Could you imagine what happens next?

After the brown splash screen had appeared in front of me, I typed the password fast and saw the desktop background only within a second. In the short time, I have been able to open my browser and open the email, Facebook, and soon. In the same time, one of my friends chatted me and asked something related to the project. This condition was continuing until the midnight and I forgot about the reason why I turn on my computer.

Probably the advice from my favorite Squline teacher was right. I need to improve and maintain my habit. Not only for studying with her but also managing my own life. I should not overwhelm with a task. I have to distribute my energy, time and tasks. Hence, everything should be done in time.

I am so sorry because made you angry. I know that this relation is not only about between a teacher and a student, But also two emotional that support each other. I hope that I could improve my English skill, especially in speaking.

Allah has their own way to teach their servant like me. Ya Allah, please give me mercies and blessing so that I could be a better person.

Review independent writing excercise

January 24, 2017

Hi Pals, I hope you are in the good condition and healthy.

I would like to share what I have learned in this day. As a usual day in my Squline class, I learn English with my favorite teacher from Philippine. I have told you how great she is in my previous post. Usually, I have two meeting everyday and it spends twenty five for each session.

When I replay the recording, I can imagine how far the English level with my teacher. Some how she just said “Wow”, “yeah” and so on. I am sure that she actually did not understand with what I said because I also could not understand what I’ve said by only hear the recording. hahaha.. It was awful!

Before we went trough the question number 4 in TOEFL, we had talked about blog. I just noticed that writing is really matter. She said that she has blog and want to share the link to me. She states that the blog is part of her life story. She put many things there such as poem, love story, experience and so on. What I learn from this conversation was making English as part of your foot note. At least you’ll have two benefits from them, first you improve your English and second, you have record of your life journey.


Let’s jump to the main course of this post. Actually, I want to share you about the independent writing. The teacher shared this question two days before I completing this writing. To be honest, I did not read the full sentence of this question before I ready to do that.  The question is:

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The government should invest more money in children’s education than in collage students . Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer

You could find my essay in here, the correction here and this is the sample answer of that question: sample

Based on the evaluation, I learn several things:
1. The biggest challenge for me is grammar. I notice bad sentence structure on some correction and need to be restructured.
2. I have to intensify my writing. Because I saw several misspelling in many places.
3. My reading the sample answer, I learned how to make a good conclusion. For instance, when you agree with the statement that children’s education is more important. then, in your conclusion, you may open it by mentioning the benefits of collage students, and you must continue it with a contrast statement. and in the last sentence, you may restate your choice using paraphrases.


I know that I am not neither a perfect nor smart person. But, my power is my ambiance to learn. Al Quran said that there’s eases after hardship. It is mean there are several solutions in a problem. Don’t worry, keep spirit and believe you can do it!
Useful vocabularies:
Cheesy = unpleasant
Awful= unpleasant. awesome ( this word has double meaning, please be careful on it)


Dear Diary, I would like you to know that I have been learning English for so long and I never been give up

January 23, 2017

It seems like learning is never ending. I believe that smooth seas never made skillful sailors. no pain no gain, no critics no learning.

I have been learning using Squline for two weeks. I take a building skill for TOEFL preparation because I will take a TOEFL iBT test on March 4th, 2017. In this preparation, I only take a teacher that really has a stunning track record. The reason is simple because I hope that I may be more focus and learn more from her.

After 2 weeks studying with full of attention, I feel that my motivation is dropping bit by bit. My teacher always said that “your grammar are awful”, “your grammar is elapsed”, “your voice is monotone”, “your pace is very slow”, “your SVA – Subject-Verb Agreement- is very unstructured” and many others critics on my speaking practices. Whatever she said, I believe she cares about me. He tried to motivate me using a hard way(perhaps the soft way did not work for me). That’s the thing that I like about this learning process.

I forgot when the first time I write an English article on my blog, but I never forgot the pain of the study is. I remember a day when my research supervisor told me that he could not understand what I’ve said. I also still remember a time when I could not sleep for days because I don’t really understand what my supervisor want me to do because my limitation on knowing English.

I know that in this article are really random. I talked about my study, nice teacher, awesome supervisor and so on. The thing that I want to share with you is that keep writing. Because writing is the bridge of the knowledge. Writing may express your idea, opinion, and critics. But for, writing this post will help me to achieve my learning journey. Perhaps in the future, I will laugh when reading all that I have said in this blog.


NetPaxos Review: Marco Canini KAUST

January 17, 2017

Paxos is always referring to a place in Greece. Not only a fancy place but also interact more researcher on it

Knowledge Background
The idea of NetPaxos is implementing consensus algorithm on the network layer. I used to learn about Paxos in several systems such as Riak and Ceph. For example, In Ceph, the developer only apply part of Paxos algorithm. In the Leader Election, each node has been given a rank based on their IP/port address. When a leader down, it will automatically be looking for a first lower node. Hence, in my opinion, the 1st node will have more responsibility. Another example, when a 1st node was getting down, the system will choose the 2nd rank. Furthermore, if the 1st node has been backed to the cluster, then the system will be having a new leader election and node 1 will be taking a leader position.
When I heard about Paxos in the network protocol, it seems something new for me. I thought the Paxos is hard to be implemented in the software design, how come it implemented on Network Protocol? That’s why this is an interesting topic!


  1. Title: Network Hardware-Accelerated Consensus.
    Author: Huynh Tu Dang, Pietro Bressana, Han Wang, Ki Suh Lee, Hakim Weatherspoon, Marco Canini, Fernando Pedone, and Robert Soulé. USI TR, May 2016
  2. Paxos Made Switch-y.Huynh Tu Dang, Marco Canini, Fernando Pedone, and Robert Soulé. SIGCOMM CCR, April 2016
  3. NetPaxos: Consensus at Network Speed.Huynh Tu Dang, Daniele Sciascia, Marco Canini, Fernando Pedone, and Robert Soulé. SOSR ’15, June 2015.


  2. Demo:

TOEFL preparation material and sources

December 30, 2016

When I studied TOEFL for the first time, I had collected many sources for learning TOEFL. However, when I re-open the material, I always find difficulties to select which one that I should use for study.

To make everything shorter, I will always put the material on this post, hopefully, I can easily make a priority and use those material to study.


  1. Wiki-TEFL:


  1.  list recommendation:
  2. Quora:
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