TOEFL preparation material and sources

December 30, 2016

When I studied TOEFL for the first time, I had collected many sources for learning TOEFL. However, when I re-open the material, I always find difficulties to select which one that I should use for study.

To make everything shorter, I will always put the material on this post, hopefully, I can easily make a priority and use those material to study.


  1. Wiki-TEFL:


  1.  list recommendation:
  2. Quora:

Notefull Video for overview TOEFL structure and strategy for speaking section

It has been a while from the first time I post on my blog. In this time, I would like to share a material for those who are preparing for TOEFL test. Personally, I have been preparing TOEFL for around two years. Yap, I know that I too long to prepare it however I really understand what is my English level at the beginning. That’s why I take a long time to prepare this. read more

Winning or Learning

December 17, 2016

Today is the final of Asean Football Federation trophy. Fortunately, my team, Indonesia is competing with Thailand as a home country is the second leg. As same as every match, we will see the team that will get the trophy in the end of the final round. The final flute had been blasted by the referee as the symbol of the game is finish.

Even though Indonesia should acknowledge how strong Thailand is, I thankful for the hard work that has been provided by Indonesian players. I could recognize that the skill of Indonesian player is good. however, we need to improve our tactic and teamwork. I believe we could learn more about the organization, teamwork, and calm from this match. As an Indonesian supporter, I could feel how hard the pressure in this game. Each player did a great job and the best what they can do. I proud of you all!.

Hopefully, we could always learn something. In every competition, there is always the winner as their achievement from their hard work and a learner as their effort to improve their self in the future. Because the success people could be determined by how good they learn from the past and prepare it for the future. If you do not win in this time, so the God want you to learn for the future victory. 🙂

Happy new born!

December 13, 2016

It has been years using my old blog to write everything in my daily life. Hopefully, in this new blog,  I could be more active to produce nice writing and useful.