Basic Linux Administration

March 8, 2018

Happy wonderful day!

I have been using Linux for years and really excited to all the usability in order developing software. In this post, I would like to create  a documentation a basic usage of command that very useful for my daily tasks.

  1. scp command, Whenever I transfer a material into a server, this command very helpful to kill the task. this link explain a detail usage of SCP.

Wonderful Digitalocean documentation

February 27, 2018

I migrated some of my projects to digital ocean cloud service last month. I feel the performance and the stability are very good comparing to my previous VPS provider. It less lagging and having detail documentation for basic usage of this service.

Because of the reason above, I would like to put everything together in this post. I will list all the useful tutorial and documentation that frequently I use. Moreover, I will also keep updating the list and hopefully, I could always find it easily whenever I need it.

  1. Initial setup a new server ubuntu 16.04. link
  2. Installation WordPress in ubuntu 16.04. link
  3. Install web-based apps pre-request in ubuntu 16.04. link
  4. Install free SSL ubuntu 16.04. link
  5. Multiple domains: Install Virtual-Host ubuntu 14.04. link
  6. Install Jenkins in Ubuntu. link
  7. install composer in ubuntu. link

For those who find this post useful, happy coding!

Happy new born!

December 13, 2016

It has been years using my old blog to write everything in my daily life. Hopefully, in this new blog,  I could be more active to produce nice writing and useful.