Weekly Planning is only the tool for better action in the future

August 26, 2018

It has been almost 2 years since I left my research life. Many things that I learnt from the journey with outstanding people. One habit that I am still doing until today is Sunday planning. I learn from Haryadi, how he manages their whole week activities at one time. He listed the agenda and sometimes he bugs me on Monday Morning(indeed it was Sunday evening in Chicago time).

He did it consistently and with detail manner. One sentence that could describe it is:

Planning is only tool for the better action in the future.

as we human being, we could only wish the best, whether Allah will make it happen or not, it’s not part of our domain. Let’s prepare the best thing that we could do, play hard and pray harder!

Improve your study habit

January 26, 2017

Practices it again again and again

One of my problems, when I try to write something in the blog, is a distraction. Yesterday, I had been preparing to go to the bed. However, I remembered that I promise to myself that I must write an article every day in this blog. Thus, I just woke up and turned on my computer. Could you imagine what happens next?

After the brown splash screen had appeared in front of me, I typed the password fast and saw the desktop background only within a second. In the short time, I have been able to open my browser and open the email, Facebook, risettalk.com and soon. In the same time, one of my friends chatted me and asked something related to the project. This condition was continuing until the midnight and I forgot about the reason why I turn on my computer.

Probably the advice from my favorite Squline teacher was right. I need to improve and maintain my habit. Not only for studying with her but also managing my own life. I should not overwhelm with a task. I have to distribute my energy, time and tasks. Hence, everything should be done in time.

I am so sorry because made you angry. I know that this relation is not only about between a teacher and a student, But also two emotional that support each other. I hope that I could improve my English skill, especially in speaking.

Allah has their own way to teach their servant like me. Ya Allah, please give me mercies and blessing so that I could be a better person.

Winning or Learning

December 17, 2016

Today is the final of Asean Football Federation trophy. Fortunately, my team, Indonesia is competing with Thailand as a home country is the second leg. As same as every match, we will see the team that will get the trophy in the end of the final round. The final flute had been blasted by the referee as the symbol of the game is finish.

Even though Indonesia should acknowledge how strong Thailand is, I thankful for the hard work that has been provided by Indonesian players. I could recognize that the skill of Indonesian player is good. however, we need to improve our tactic and teamwork. I believe we could learn more about the organization, teamwork, and calm from this match. As an Indonesian supporter, I could feel how hard the pressure in this game. Each player did a great job and the best what they can do. I proud of you all!.

Hopefully, we could always learn something. In every competition, there is always the winner as their achievement from their hard work and a learner as their effort to improve their self in the future. Because the success people could be determined by how good they learn from the past and prepare it for the future. If you do not win in this time, so the God want you to learn for the future victory. 🙂

Happy new born!

December 13, 2016

It has been years using my old blog to write everything in my daily life. Hopefully, in this new blog,  I could be more active to produce nice writing and useful.