Research and Publication


I have been working as a researcher in system area since 2014. The most supportive person in my life, Professor Haryadi S. Gunawi, has been my research advisor since the first time I plunge to research area. Fortunately, I am also working with the stunning persons in research such as Riza Suminto,  Jeffrey F. Lukman, Vincentius Martin, M Husni Santriaji and so on.

I experience working Hadoop, HBase, Riak Ensemble, and CEPH. I did bug studies and analysis on Hadoop MapReduce V1 and YARN(v2). I also Involved on creating formal method Pre-Deployment detection of performance failure on HBase. The last but of course, not the least, I study Paxos algorithm implementation inside Riak Ensemble CEPH.



As recorded at Dblp; google scholar

  1. Why Does the Cloud Stop Computing? Lessons from Hundreds of Outages [SoCC ’16]
  2. What Bugs Live in the Cloud? A Study of Issues in Scalable Distributed Systems [;login: ’15]
  3. Pre-Deployment Detection of Performance Failures in Cloud Systems [HotCloud ’15]
  4. What Bugs Live in the Cloud? A Study of 3000+ Issues in Cloud Systems [SoCC ’14]